Hammond: Jurassic Park and John Alfred Hammond Essay

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Mario Ballesteros
English 30
Who is Hammond?
John Alfred Hammond is the owner and CEO of InGen and a well-known dinosaur fanatic. He has invested many years and millions of dollars into his Jurassic theme park, which consist of cloning dinosaurs. His love for these hundred million year old creatures can be very sincere, but his main goal is to turn around and make a huge profit off the richest people in the world. His greed for money has made him delusional and seems to affect his judgment calls on the parks development and safety. His ingenious ideas that are trying to be brought to life often have there set backs, which brings out the worst in his personality.
Hammond’s successfulness has brought him wealth, but also gave him many negative personality traits. His personality comes off as flamboyant, and having a showman like attitude that can persuade anyone into believing in his dream of bringing back the dinosaurs and making a lot of money while at it. Behind his successfulness is a man that can be cold hearted, short tempered and evasive. At the age of 76, everyone see’s him as an old, short, white haired man that is of no harm, but in reality is creating the most dangerous zoo in the world. Many of his evasive actions have caused him to lie to investors and miss lead them from the truth when he was seeking funding for his theme park. His short temperedness was brought on later with the stress of the parks delays and people becoming skeptical of the parks successfulness. Much of the Hammond’s work and ideas are ingenious, but he has no self-control of what he’s really doing. All the work to acquire the biggest stock of