Hampton Tool Rubric Essay

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Hampton Tools Case

2 =Developing
3 = Proficient
4 = Exemplary

I have used some financial tools to complete my analysis but my use of them displays some significant inaccuracies
I used financial tools to complete my analysis and use them in mostly accurate ways. I make 1 or 2 minor errors
I have effectively used financial analysis tools and they are used in accurate ways

(Which tools did you use for your analysis and in what ways?)
I attempted to apply a methodology to complete my project but it is confusing and/or ineffective
I have articulated my methodology. I might have used it in a more effective way.
My methodology was articulated and has been used effectively to provide support for my analysis

Presents Evidence
(Where did your key assertions come from and why did you pick them?)
Assertions are unsubstantiated and/or data/evidence or sources are simplistic, inappropriate, or not related to topic.
Assertions are substantiated and appropriate data/evidence or sources provided, although exploration appears to have been routine.
Assertions, data, evidence and/or sources clearly identified. Demonstrates Identifies evidence that does not yet exist that would further clarify the topic.

(What are your recommendations about the investment?)
I attempted to reach some conclusions but they are weak, confusing, or buried
I reached some conclusions from my analysis and was able to make some recommendations. There may be some weakness in my logic.
My conclusions are articulate and flow well from my analysis. The recommendations would be convincing to a CFO

Learning Engagement
My writing is bland or pretentious. There is either no hint of a real person in it, or it sounds like I'm faking it.
My tone is OK, but my report could have been written by anyone. I need to tell how I think and feel so I show that I am engaged with learning.
It sounds like I care about my work. I tell how I think and feel about it. I was fully engaged with learning.

APA conformity
Few sources are cited or used correctly. Grammar, syntax, or other errors are distracting or repeated. Little evidence of proofreading.

Minor errors in citing sources and references. Style, grammar