Hamrick Unit10 Essay

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Individual Teamwork Skills Template

Your name:
Anna Hamrick
Your role for the team activity:
Marketing and Sales Manager
Your team name:
Green Team/Grandma’s Tea Cup

During the last three units, I acted as the Marketing and Sales Manager of the Green Team. I contributed the Human Resource Proposal for the Marketing and Sales Department of our company. This was difficult for me in that I have never had any experience with Marketing and Sales nor have I ever did much research on this particular department. By being the manager of the Marketing and Sales Department, it gave me a chance to fully look inside and learn what responsibilities and goals this department has. I really enjoyed these last three units working with a great team of ladies that all contributed to our project.
I feel that I was committed to the requirements one hundred percent. Even though I had a very busy week in one of the last three weeks, I strived to meet all requirements of my particular assignment so that I could contribute to our group’s project. It is very important to me that in a team group effort, everyone does their part, and this was no exception. I was very proud of my work after it was completed and submitted, and everyone’s proposals put together as a whole make a great company Human Resource Proposal.
I believe my level of contributions resulted with my teammates to consider me as helpful and with good follow through. After submitting my Marketing and Sales Manager Proposal, I had the opportunity to view the other department’s proposal and actually learned a lot by looking at my team mates. Also, I had the opportunity to review a peer’s draft, which was