Han China And Rome Dbq Essay

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The Roman empire and China had many similarities and differences to why the collapsed. Both had political issues and economic issues that weakened both of their empires. Those political and economic issues resulted in the collapse of the empires.

Towards the end of both of the empires they both had faced a problem, high taxes. In document one it talks about how Han China how the taxes became so high that basically people couldn’t afford them, which in result weakened China financially. The result of the high taxes in China hurt China more. In document three it talks about how revolts were formed, raids started happening. With that being said the Roman empire also had the issue with high taxes. In document six, many people couldn’t afford
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In document four it talks about how from the result of smelting tools and weapons released methane gas into the air. Population starts declining because of deforestation that is happening. With that being said in document five it talks about how the Roman empire started having tyrants. This is was because the citizens of Rome had their freedom oppressed. This is similar to how the colonists wanted to separate from England. They’re freedom was being taken away and that causes them to rebel. Similarly Han China had the same issue. In document two it talks about how since China had such a big military that collapsed, rebels called the Yellow Turban Rebellion started growing in numbers. Without a military to defend the empire China couldn’t take down the rebellion.

Although Han China and the Roman Empire had many similarities to why the fell, they did have some differences. In document seven it shows a map of the Barbarians that invaded Rome. Rome was overrun by Barbarians. In document five, in Rome the Barbarians started to take up a lot of the population and that caused a lot higher taxes. In document six, since the taxes started getting and people couldn’t pay them it resulted in one of the reasons why the Roman empire