Essay on Han Chinese and China Coin

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The majority of teenagers grow up along with a harmonious and stable environment. However, there are still few puzzles that not easy for them to cope with .The one that I am going to talk about is their relationships with individuals, families and community. As we all know, it is inevitable for each individuals to build relationships with others in the community, and no one can be alive without any relationships to people or outside environment. Therefore, to build favorable and positive relationships with others is really necessary for everyone, especially the teenagers, who are still developing themselves. However, sometimes teenagers might difficulties while they are dealing with relationships. What trigger those problems and how to resolve? We can find some clues within the novel “China coin”.

In the “China coin, we can see that the main character Leah treated her mom as “evil aunt “at the beginning of their trip to China. Because she cannot understand why her mom Joan went to china just after her father’s funeral .She perceived that her mom only concerned about her lost family and Chinese background but never care about her daughter and husband. And she also cannot understand why her mom was so afraid of protesting students; she thought that she was too protective to her. Those misunderstanding led her to establish a negative relationship with her mom. She even feels mom is hostile with her.

Please ask yourself, did u ever misunderstand your parents and be against with them? I think it should be normal and usual .Sometimes we might regard their careness as a restriction, or we cannot understand their purpose while they were doing something. I think the key to fix those cracks between teenagers and parents is communication and the willingness to deeply find the truth and what their real thought. In “China coin”, Leah gradually learned to understand her mom during their trip. Because she experienced a lot and had some conversations related dad and family background with her mom. That’s the way they end the conflicts and decided to rebuild a stable relationship. That’s a good example of building good relationships with relatives by communication.

Another relationship we can find in “China coin” is between teenagers and their family, especially the family members that they were not family with. Like Leah, initially, she was not