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Economics of the Han Dynasty
The Han dynasty’s economy was increased by growth, urbanization, trade, and the governments attempt at urbanization. A large part of the dynasty was creating a monetary system where the increase of minting and circulation of coin currency grew. The Hans traded with many foreign countries across eurasia. They used the silk road as the main factor for all their travel routes. The capital cities of western and eastern Han had the lasrgest population and area at that time in the world. Many government workshops produced goods for the wealthy and the poor. The government took a large part in overseeing construction of new roads and bridges; this encouraged commercial growth. Under Han rule,people that were poor and rich could engage in a wide range of enterprises and trade in the domestic, public, and even military spheres.
At the start of the dynasty the han farmers were very self sufficient, but then they began to rely heaviily on commercial exchanges between wealthier landowners. Because of this many peasants fell into great debt and were forced to be hired as laborers or rent paying tenants of the wealthier landowners. The government attempted to help out by providing economic aid to the poor farmers. They also tried to limit the rich landowners with heavy taxes and bureaucratic regulations. The government even nationalized the salt and iron industry. Despite their attempts the government monopolies were repealed during eastern han. Because of…