Essay on Han Dynasty and Emperor Han

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The Western Han Dynasty started to decline during the reign of the Emperor Han Yuan (汉元帝)(50 B.C--33 B.C).He was a quite extravagant emperor to began with.In 43 B.C.,when there natural disaster strike China,especially in the area of Guan Dong (关东),he goes to Gan Quan (甘泉)for a trip.It wasn't until his loyal subjects advised him to think about his people before he goes back to the capital city.

During his reign,he had thousands of palace maidens,and kept tens of thousands of horses.This is contrary to his predecessor,where there were only a handful of palace maidens,and horses was only bred for the purpose of war.

Basically,all the emperor after him was useless,either they were too lazy to govern the country (Emperor Han Cheng (汉成帝),Emperor Han Ai(汉哀帝)),or they were merely puppet leaders (Emperor Han Ping (汉平帝),Prince Liu Ying (孺子子婴)held under the powerful official,Wang Mang (王莽).Han Dynasty collapse as Wang Mang assumed the throne from Prince Liu Ying,and established the Xin Dynasty that lasted for 16 years.

As for the Eastern Han Dynasty,it collapsed due to the political rivalries that occured in the palace between the eunuch,the empress family members and the subject.Because the administrators was too occupied with these political rivalries,they couldn't solve the problems faced by the Han Dynasty at the time,such as drought,crop failure,and invasion of foreign army.The Han Dynasty was further divided after the supression the rebellion of Yellow Turban (黄巾起义),where warlords divides China after they managed to supress the rebellion.

Eventually China entered…