Han Pyongt Ae By Munyol: Character Analysis

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social interactions and separation. Han Pyongt’ae is a gifted student that moves from a prestigious elementary school to a more provincial one. Throughout Munyol's novel we see Han question authority numerous times before it be becomes too much for him the bear. We can see his conformity when he finally gives into Om-the class monitor-when he states, “The sweet fruits of my submission, which I had been sampling now for almost two months-plus some sly calculating-held me back at the time. Actually, apart from damaging my spiritual vanity, being below Sokdae in his order brought me no disadvantages at all”(Munyol-80). The text shows that when Han finally gives in to Om’s rule he knows that it ruined who he was as a person spiritually but he did not suffer anymore due to it. Supporting the topic of prejudice, giving into society and conforming has no disadvantages but it changes who we are as a person. People are meant to be able to be whoever they want to be and prejudice not only stops that but it is a mental manipulation for spiritual diversity. Just like Han, most people give into this modern view but those who do not are treated diffrently. Therefor supporting that prejudice is harmful in society and does not further help who we are as people. …show more content…
Now we aren't only seeing books being written on important issues but now there is modern technology that is able to spread these issues at alarming rates. Through today's media we have seen in today's film both a negative and positive view on prejudice. An example that shows both sides to my topic is the documentary A Class Divided. The document produced by PBS follows the story of a school teacher in Iowa that tried a social experiment on her students the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King. The teacher Jane Elliot had