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Hand It Over

Education is a major part in all our life. Even though we wake up every morning complaining we do not want to go. Since we were younger teaching us all the simple things we need like counting to ten, and learning the alphabet. As we go on with our educational journey, we start to learn more and more. We start to think about what we want to do with the rest of our life. Myself and many others are still unsure what we wanted to do starting high school. We start off just enjoying freshman and sophomore year. As junior and senior year roll around we should start to think of our future. As we start to think about what we want to do, we all have the same goals and dreams, to be the best of the best in what we pursue later in life. Education is what sets us up for the future, it helps us become who we are later in life.
High school the most important time in your educational career. Entering High School i didn't really know what to expect. Being the oldest of four i didn't have someone to tell me what to expect. I didn't know if it was going to be like what i see on television, with the little freshman being pushed around with no say in anything. High school taught me a significant amount of skills just simply staying on task, being organized, and managing time. Throughout high school these skills have been push to the limit. Seems like every teacher gets together and plans projects at the same time. But managing my time and making sure I stay on task. Makes me look back and wonder why I was even stressed.
One of the skills i can take with me well past high school is working hard. Nobody is simply going to give you something you don't deserve. Working hard for your grades or anything else in life is one of the greatest skills you can have. Those late nights studying for test only because I waited last minute to study. Little experiences like that will helped me grow as a person or become more mature so to say. Working hard for what you want helps you become a more independent person. It helps you not be so dependent on people, gives you that sense of feeling that you can do what you put your mind to.
Being responsible is also another great skill to take with you well out of high school. Responsibility plays a part in who you become when you're older. In high school we do have more than one class. Its our job as a student to put our class work in line, making sure we get our stuff done on time. More than