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A handbook designed to help you build a strong relationship with your child/children from 1st grade to senior year. Join us and take the journey to improve and create the bond you have always wanted with your child/children.

Elementary School (Ages 5-10)
Caution! This is the beginning stage of your children’s social life, they still want you to be there but as they get to 4th grade they try to pretend to be older than they really are. * Make sure to do fun activities with your children * Go to the park * Practice sports with them * Go on fun family trips * Family Movie Night

* Have an honest bond with your child * Make sure your children come before work * Have family dinners without distractions (T.V., phones, etc.) * Dinner foods should include easy, yummy foods, nothing fancy * Leave sweet little notes and little desserts in their lunches * Make sure they’re learning about good table manners * Make sure they’re learning about good hygiene * Make sure they look both ways before crossing the street! Offer your child to bring his/her friends over and order them pizza etc. * Don’t ask too many questions when all their friends are over but make sure you’re not being pushed around by your own child * Freshmen and sophomore year it’s sociably acceptable for a curfew, especially when they have their license but once junior year comes and senior year let loose on the curfew, just make sure your kid texts you and lets you know where they are * Family always comes first, go to a restaurant with your family or have a movie night at least once a month * Help them prepare for college * High school is where school gets hard, if they seem to be struggling offer help and see if they need a tutor * Teens are very hungry after school, make sure you have food in the house * Make sure they’re getting enough sleep * Don’t bring up college freshmen year, it just scares them * Help with college applications * Make sure you fully understand what your child’s college plan is * Be kind, have fun and love them!
High School (Ages 14-18)
Caution! This age is crucial! Your baby is all grown up and it seems like it was yesterday when they were asking for your help on the monkey bars. These next few years are the toughest for parents; your child is becoming a legal adult. They’re getting their license, making life decisions, partying and more. * Always be supportive * Ask them how their day was when they come home from school * By this time, they might even have a job too, but make sure you both still have time for family * Now that they have their license, they can drive anywhere at any time, send them simple texts asking where they are and they’ll reply when they can * Make sure they have good hygiene * Make sure they have good manners * At this point, give your child more freedom, they aren’t young anymore and they need to know how to make their own decisions * Make sure they’re hanging out with good people but that doesn’t give you the right to spy on them or snoop * Make sure they’re active * Praise them with small gifts when they have good grades and report cards * Make sure they learn to swim and ride a bike * Encourage them to try different sports and instruments * Get a pet! They’re great for kids! * Be a friend, be a mentor, just be there.

Middle School