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Dating back from 1900, Yeo Hiap Seng, founder of (Yeo's) has now become synonymous with the food & beverage industry both locally and internationally. Today, the Yeo Hiap Seng group, which is a public listed company on the Bursa Malaysia, is involved principally in the production, marketing and sale of food and beverage products under the brand names of 'Yeo's', 'Cintan', 'Justea', 'SoyRich', 'H-Two-O' and 'Yogurt'.
With a significant market presence in the ethnic market and in line with the government's aim to further develop the Malaysian halal brand as a global benchmark, Yeo's leverages on Malaysia's role as the world's Halal manufacturing hub.

The most recent award that Yeo’s received is in 2010 we were
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In order do that a training course is needed such as trial period and they are guided by skilled worker. From there the worker will develop as skilled worker.

Finding & Discussion
From the all three places that have been surveyed a conclusion have been made which Indonesia is highly compatible as the new possible place. The possible reason that leads to this choice is caused by several factors. * Strategic intelligence of the new locality. 1. Basic facilities
Basic facilities are needed in today’s society in world. Based on the facts that were given in the studied case, though all three countries may have the basic facilities covered, only Indonesia has the high number of basic facilities because of the high number of people in its main city compared to Myanmar and Philippines. The place that is suggested to be use is in Jakarta as it is the capital of Indonesia, the largest population resides there which can contribute to more workforces.

The role of the basic facilities is to ensure that the company’s worker have access to whatever is necessary in their daily life which will motivate them to work harder.

2. Safety * Myanmar
From the safety factor, the stability of the politics of the country is main factor that need to be look for since it affect many policies in opening a company at the country. From the survey done in Myanmar the result obtained shows that it is hard to establish a foreign company as the junta