Handmaid's Tale Essay

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The Final Push
There are only a few more weeks till the official Election Day. These past final weeks have been pushing more and more undecided voters to vote. They also have been trying to gain more supporters to vote for them on Election Day. The Obama administration is doing a lot of things to tie up loose ends. They are: getting more criticizing ads out on TV about Mitt Romney’s bad policies, going to more swing states more often to get in his last minute speeches on why he is the better candidate, and sending more volunteers out to convert last minute voters. These three ways are only some of the methods Obama is trying to convince last minute deciders and how he is trying to tie up loose ends.
I think that Barack Obama is going to win the election this year. He is a better choice than Mitt Romney. First of all Barack Obama has more experience of being the president and will be able to cope better under stressful conditions. Whereas Mitt Romney has only been a governor and will not be able to stand up to foreign and domestic problems. Second, Mitt Romney’s policies will put America in bankruptcy and destroy American education. One reason is because Romney believes that college kids that don’t have enough money to pay for college should borrow money from their parents. This would only increase the debt, rather than reduce it. However Obama’s policies will decrease the national debt and increase the public education. One of Obama’s policies is reducing the middle