handmaids tale Essay

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The handmaids’ tale;
Discuss the ways in which the handmaids’ tale explores the consequences:

The handmaids’ tale a novel by Margaret Atwood focuses on the changes in society due to the churches high popularity, it explores like before and after given us an insight in the roles of women as we know it now and as before . With the Handmaids tale we enter a parallel universe and all we know is never the same again. The novel focuses on a small town by the name of Gilead gone are the usual settings featured in what we would call a town today the shops , the pubs , the school , the young free spirited “girls” and in enter the cold abandoned streets, the local pub boarded up as its something seen as un-pure . Apart from the local scenery changing there has been a drastic change in society your favourite magazine be it beauty , sports all has been banned due to the belief of it been un- godly, televisions as we have known it gone replaced with the occasional viewing of the local religious ceremonies. Men and women are no longer having the same equal rights that over the years we have come to love and abuse men now play a higher hierarchy were as women with no powerful marital statues are seen as the bottom of a pit. Throughout the novel Atwood focuses on the contrast between men and women. Women that have not been married into a high statues marriage are taken in and are sold as handmaids and will later on for fill their duty of been a surrogate, as in this…