Handmaid's Tale Gender Roles Essay

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Sexuality and Gender Roles in “The Handmaid’s Tale” In the novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, sexuality and gender roles are very prevalent issues. From those in power executing homosexuals to killing doctors who performed abortions, sexuality is a very known and hated topic in the Republic of Gilead, specifically by those in charge. This topic should be more accepted and equality for all should be fought for, however, in this society is it different and many do not agree. Sexual orientation is a prevailing issue in the eyes of Gilead; due to this, many individuals have been punished or even killed for being themselves. Passage six is an excellent of how you are treated based solely on your sexuality and beliefs. In this passage, Offred and Ofglen go to the Wall in which authorities had hung the bodies of men with “a placard hung around his neck to show why he has been executed: a drawing of a human fetus.” It is then explained how these men were once doctors, “then, in the time before, when such things were legal.” Passage seven is significant to the development of this theme, due to the fact that in this passage Offred remembers being young and going to the park with her mother and …show more content…
Whether that is innocent or not, society might have a craving that they will try to fill some way or another. For example, the Commander and Offred have illegally met outside the times they were supposed to which is very risky. Another example would be Offred’s affair with Nick that continues even after she fully understand what could be done to her if they are caught, such as salvaging her. Not to mention the “secret club” the commander takes her to and how much trouble they could both face if the truth got out. Getting rid of the privacy of any sexual act will simply encourage more individuals to rebel or fight