Hang Seng Bank Essay

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Assignment Title: Hang Seng Bank
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Executive summary 3

Service blue print of Hand Seng Bank 4

Stengths and Weaknesses of HSB service blueprint 6

Customer Benefits 7

Relationship Marketing 13

Limitation and Recommendation 17

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Executive summary
In this assignment, we through the service blueprint of the Hang Seng Bank, we find out some strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, we also find out the customer benefits from Hang Seng
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This can make customer feel comfortable and being served nicely. The customers are willing to visit Hang Seng Bank. The bank teller highly protect the customer privacy, they will ask the customer to show their ID cards before answering the account information. This can help the account information do not disclose to non-account holder. Also there is high transparency which every step they do, the bank teller tell the customers what they are going to do. This help the customers are much clear what the bank teller is doing. The weaknesses are: some bank teller may have some problem on the transactions they may go to ask their supervisor and the customers may think it is time consuming of being waiting. But the customers sometimes do not know what the problem of the transactions is. Another is, if the customers need to withdrawal large amount of money, the bank teller not only need the ID cards of the customers and also ask some smart question (account information/ personal information), this make embarrassment to the customers. Sometimes they do not feel comfortable of being asking questions.

Customer benefit For customer benefit, Hang Seng Bank provides its benefits in different ways which are functional benefits and emotional benefits. After it enhances their customer satisfaction and they will more loyal on the company. There are the points of Hang Seng Bank providing benefit for their customers (Lovelock and Wirtz