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Hanif Gibbs

Human beings never live in isolation. Human life is essentially a group life. They begin life as a participating member of the group i.e. family. He is born, lives, grows, and dies in group. He forms groups to fulfill his different needs and to attain common goals. Groups play an important role in shaping personality, in the development of social organization and socialization.
The term social group consists of two terms i.e. social and group. Ordinarily by social group we mean a collection of human beings. But the term social refers to social relationships or shared behaviors. Similarly in the words of E.S. Bogardus the term “group refers to a number of units of anything in close proximity with one another.” Accordingly, it may refers to a group of trees, a group of houses, a group of horses etc. But in case of human beings as Maclver and Page says a group refers to “any collection of human beings who are brought into social relationships with one another.” Accordingly, a social group is a collection of interacting individuals who participate in similar activities and have a consciousness of joint interaction. There exists some degree of reciprocity and mutual awareness among the individuals.
A social group is an organized one. Besides having mutual interaction and reciprocity the members of a social group have similar goals. The members of a social group interact according to some established patterns. Definite relations exist among individuals which constitute a social group. In the truest sociological sense a group refers to a collection of individuals who are brought into social relationship with one another and organize themselves for the fulfillment of common aims.
A social group has an organizational aspect i.e. rules, regulations, rivals, structure etc. and a Psychological aspect i.e. awareness or consciousness of the members. Members of a social group linked together in a system of social relationships with one another and they interact with each other according to norms of the group. A social group is also dynamic in nature.
A social group consists of a given number of individuals. Without a number of individuals no social group can be formed. Two or more than that individual are necessary to form a group. This number may vary. These individuals belong to the group as members of the group and are considered as unit of the group. There exist mutual relations among the members of a social group. These mutual relations among the members are the basis or foundation of social group without which social group cannot be formed. The members must interact or inter-related with each other. It is another important characteristic of a social group. The aims, objectives, and ideals of the members are common. For the fulfillment of these common goals social groups are formed. Here individual interests are sacrificed for group interests. Members of a social group are always tied by a sense of unity and bond of solidarity,…