Hank's Traditon: A Narrative Fiction

Words: 1187
Pages: 5

I kept my gaze on my lap, trying to calm my racing heart. I've never felt a tension in the air before but I'm pretty sure it’s what I'm feeling now. I could hardly swallow, let alone breathe. I could slice a knife through the air and it would break off of its handle. Hank kept glancing back at me with concern evident in his eyes. I've never been so quiet before but there's a first for everything.
Barbara kept drumming her fingers on the armrest on the door. She kept her eyes glued to the window and didn't ask anything of me even though she said I should explain myself. Maybe she'll give me a-
"Amara," Barbara said firmly. Damn it. I lifted my head.
"Explain what happened."
"W-Well um... this guy bumped into me and touched my... behind. He apologized but I knew it was on purpose. He even had the stupidity to stare at my chest as he said sorry. I had to kick his ass." I leaned back into the seat and crossed my arms, looking out the window. I saw Hank's mouth quirk into a smirk when I turned back.
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"I know but it's hard. I keep chanting in my head to stay calm but it's like it dissipates and doesn't come back until I've already taken action." I rubbed my arm.
Barbara sighed and pulled the pin out of her hair, sending it tumbling around her shoulders.
"I think we need a new start. Right,