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What Marriage Does To You

Do you know women who have gotten physically abused by her husband? Guess what back
In the days women used to get abused and had no rights when they were married. In
Afghanistan women get abused by their husband for no reason and have to do household chores at a young age. Women are out there who don’t say anything because they are scared!

In the book Dolls House Nora gets treated badly by her husband. Nora got teased and Torvald always says that she is a little kid. He called her bird, scuttle brain, squirrel. This connects to my thesis, because every woman should be treated the same way as a man would like to be treated. (Be free and absolutely free. Ibsen 85). The quote means that Nora will be free after the New Year’s, after she paid off her debt to Krogstad.

ved with their children. (Couples with an equal partnership should also have more stability in their marriage, less conflict, less dependency, and less resentment. Selle 1). If there is equal partnership in a marriage the couple will get closer to each other.

In the other article “Campaign for Afghan Women& Girls” talks about what women do there and how they are treated in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan women can’t work (jobs) or go to school. If the girls were in school they closed the whole school down, and if girls went to universities they get expelled. Women were forced to do household chores. (“under Taliban rule women were