Case Study: Hannaford Jr.

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Virtually every business today uses at least one form of computer information technology. Business firms use computers to automate and assist in managing everything from operations, sales, finance, and logistics. Internal databases and intranets are used for internal controls and organizations are connected via the internet to conduct sales, marketing and many other communications and transactions. Electronic business, or e-business, is dominating modern markets and the business world. This new world of technological innovation has exponentially increased efficiency and globalized the world’s economies. Unfortunately criminals still exist and continue to exploit businesses, committing acts of theft, vandalism, and terror.
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27. The advisory stated that credit and debit card numbers as well as expiration dates were taken from Hannaford's network while the data was in transit for transaction processing. Ronald Hodge went on to apologize for the compromise and the inconvenience to the consumers, but also urged the consumers that Hannaford had been upholding the highest standards of cyber security. Hodges ended his statement with assuring customers that Hannaford would work with the banks in rectifying the situation and would double their efforts in increasing their security measures. Hannaford immediately shut down all links on their website after the disclosure of the security breach. Hannaford launched an investigation into the matter and worked diligently to rectify all weaknesses in their cyber security system. Jaikumar Vijayan (2008)
Analysts claim that Hannaford like many other retailers did not encrypt the credit and debit card data collected from customers during financial transactions. This allowed the hacker to easily steal the data once he discovered a back door into Hannaford’s system. Hannaford was quickly served with a massive class action lawsuit claiming Hannaford was negligent in protecting consumer data. Jaikumar Vijayan (2008)
Hannaford’s website now offers a highly in-depth and comprehensive privacy policy page with multiple links to detailed explanations of their privacy and security procedures. Hannaford now goes out of their way to inform the