Hannah Montana : the Movie Essay

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23 October 2013
“She came in like a Wrecking Ball” We all know who’s Miley Cyrus right? A Disney Channel star who played the main character role in the American television series, “Hannah Montana”. Miss Cyrus, who portrayed as Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana; A series about a girl who lived a double life. An average teenager (Miley Stewart) by day and a famous pop singer (Hannah Montana) by night. Through out the episodes, Miley struggles to conceals her pop star identity from the public. So that she’s able to live as a normal teenage girl. After so many years of underground projects and “Hannah Montana”. Miss Cyrus finally released a music video to one of her hit singles, “Wreaking Ball” on September 9, 2013. Striking so many views and commentary of Miss Cyrus, calling her, a slut and a slag..etc. At the end of day, it only gave Miss Cyrus a terrible image and is now looked down upon because of this video. In this video, Miss Cyrus is shown close-up, singing and crying with tears going down her cheek. After the first 30 seconds, she’s holding a sledge hammer and passionately grazing the hammer with her tongue. Eventually showing the wrecking ball, colliding into the wall. As well as her naked, riding the wrecking ball as if it was a swing. Ending the music video of Miss Cyrus, laying on the pile of broken stones with her sledge hammer. Although, many people dislike this video and calling her, trashy and disgusting. In my views, I see as Miss Cyrus is showing her vulnerable love and heartbreaking story of her previous fiancé through this video. Beginning with Miss Cyrus, licking the sledge hammer. I questioned, “What the... what is she thinking?” and I remember saying how gross it was. But now step back, and look at it closely. In previous news of the love life of celebrities, they have a announced that Miss Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have recently broke off, an on and off engagement for the final time. According to Hemsworth, he was not happy with what Miss Cyrus has become. After the break up, Hemsworth placed Cyrus in a lot of pain and humiliation. The sledge hammer reflects the agony that Cyrus is going through. With her licking the hammer, it shows how much she loves the pain. This misery that she feels is what fuels her and makes her stronger. She carries it with her through out the video because it’s a object of a constant reminder. Without this pain, she feels powerless. Now the big question to this video, why is Miss Cyrus swinging around, naked on a wrecking ball? Well basically it shows the bare relationship of Cyrus and Hemsworth. Simply showing how comfortable they were with each other. Which explains why Miss Cyrus is in the nude. The wrecking ball it self, reflects their relationship as a whole. Although not a perfect relationship, Hemsworth and Cyrus have had their imperfect situations. Just how a wrecking ball, it isn’t all that pretty in texture or appearance. But a wrecking ball was bold and together, and that is what’s emulated in Hemsworth and Cyrus’ relationship. That they have this strong bold bond and they remain together. Concluding to why Miss Cyrus is swinging on this ball. Because she’s attached to this love of Hemsworth, that is resemble inside the wrecking ball. Nearly a rocky three years of engagement, Miss Cyrus was proposed a ring from Hemsworth who was going to marry her. Which suddenly teared apart once they broke up. As a girl, It could take awhile for Miss Cyrus to get over it. Which shows her attachment and not wanting to let go of the love for Hemsworth. Lastly to understanding, is to why the wrecking ball is destroying the wall. The wall represents Miss Cyrus herself. The lyrics “I came in like a wrecking ball” shows Miss Cyrus’ intentions. Which was to find her way into Hemsworth’s heart or his wall. Miss Cyrus and the wrecking ball, that represents their relationship; She wanted to force that relationship into Hemsworth again. Explaining the lyrics, “I never meant to