Happily Married Essay

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Alejandra Heredia
Professor Flores
English 1301 M34
March 28, 2013
Happily Married Marriage is one of the most controversial subjects within women and probably scariest within men. Yet, we all end up falling into it at one point or another. Women dream of having the best wedding ever but rarely considering what the married life could be. Men in the other hand could care less of the wedding but they fear the marriage itself. And though they fear it they usually enjoy it more than or the same as women. Marriage is a tug and pull war, that with a bit of compromise can become a great investment.
Fearing marriage men have said for many years that the single life is great filled with fun and women no strings attached. While women become more socially accepted with each other if married. Comparing today’s statistics in marriage to the ones sixty years ago the numbers have dropped drastically and divorce rates have shot up, which leads to more single parents. This leads me to think that marriage has a great impact in society by establishing settled homes for children. A stable life in a child’s life can produce a stable adult, while a broken home has more possibilities of creating a child with fears of stability or problems. Just the simple idea that someone is willing to sign a contract promising that they will be there for you longer what you expected and through good and bad, this idea seems crazy but a great deal. I know that a paper won’t assure you that someone will stay next to you forever, but while it lasts they already promised they’ll at least try. I had no father figure during my childhood so I can relate to this issue. I learned by observing my mother that a girl has to be strong to pull a life without a man. This was perfectly fine, I wasn’t depressed and I didn’t feel less of a person because I didn’t have a father, instead I felt proud of my mother for her hard work. But the older I grew the more awkward I was around men I related this issue with the fact that I had no idea how men are, I never lived with one. Marriage can also help boost your self-esteem by simply helping your partner fulfill their goals and dreams. I have noticed that I feel happier with myself after I prepare his lunch in the morning before he leaves to work or when I leave his clothes washed and folded ready for work before I go to bed. It makes me feel helpful and caring, living a life with a happy heart…