Happiness and God Essay

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What did you learn about a synod?
The Synod is an assembly of bishops from around the world who assist the Holy Father by providing counsel on important questions facing the Church in a manner that preserves the Church's teaching and strengthens her internal discipline. It is made up of many people even laymen and women.

What synod is happening now?
The 3rd Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

Why is this important?
This is important because they will meet to discuss the information, testimonies, and recommendations received from the particular Churches in order to respond to the new challenges of the family. They will meet to discuss birth control, divorce, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

How does this tie into the Readings from yesterday?
Pope Francis says that the people meeting in this Synod are workers in God's vineyard. He says that the bishops meeting must think about the greater good of the people, not just themselves individually. He said that they should think about what God thinks will benefit the church, not their own plans for the church.

How is this relevant to your life?
This Synod has the ability to change my view on some very controversial topics.

1. What is one thing that stood out to you in Sewing Hope? Why?
One thing that stood out to me in Sewing Hope is that the young women were able to resume normal living and be happy after their traumatizing experiences in the rebel army. It is crazy what the power of God can do. Sometimes we don't realize how much He helps us, and this is a prime example of how God helps people in need and takes care of His sheep. Through Sr. Rosemary God is helping these women who are enslaved by guilt. She was able to turn transform these troubled girls into happier women.

2. What are the themes found in this documentary?
The themes found in this document were forgiveness, resilience, helping others, hope, education, putting others needs before yourself, and self-loathing.

3. Make three connections between the documentary and Part 1 Section 1 of your text.
The documentary showed how the captured, young women had no choice in who they had killed or who became their husband. The text explains how some factors may lessen the blame when people do morally wrong actions. This applies to what the women had to go through in the rebel army. God will forgive them for killing their loved ones because they did not have much of a choice.
Sr. Rosemary talked about how God forgives the women who she teaches. Section 1 part 1 explained how God never gives up on humanity. Even though these women killed people in their own communities, God will not give up them.
In section 1 part 1 there is a passage that reads, "...God has been at work, gently calling us to true happiness and joy". The documentary showed how God. was working through Sr. Rosemary to bring these women joy and happiness.

4. How can we