Happiness and Life Essay

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Hunting for Happiness Here I sit, staring at this blank page document on my laptop screen,1 thinking of a way on how to start this book that will easily grab your attention. My introduction has to be outstanding and be able to persuade you into continuing to read this book you have on your hands. But reading a long introduction paragraph about what you’ll eventually be reading about is not what you want anyway, is it? Since I’m more of the “cut to the chase” type of girl, my introduction, just like myself and the rest of this book, is just going to be simple and straight forward. Now, ask yourself, how many times has someone asked you if you were truly content with your life? Or what you do to keep yourself happy? The question that lingers many people, “What is happiness?”. You might assume that after reading that sentence, I’ll be explaining to you what happiness is. Your assumption is correct. Happiness is the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment due to your life situations.2 I decided to write this book to reach out to all those who are willing to put their best selves out there. I’m here to let you readers know that none of us have our lives all figured out; we are all an ongoing work in progress. If you’d like to know some of my advices on how to maintain a happy life, continue reading.3 If not, I’m sure there are plenty of other books lying on a book shelf waiting for your interest towards it. So, if you decided to continue reading this novel, I’m sure you’d like to know some topics I’ll be touching upon. Through my personal experience, I have concluded that finding your passion and love towards something is the first step to being happy. Being able to pick yourself up when you’re knocked down would have to be the second step. And finally, demonstrating your love towards yourself, your purpose and sharing your gifts is the last step.4 When we’re faced with difficult challenges, we are the greatest solution to it all. Can you imagine if every single human being is fully content with their lives? How can we start that off? As a movie director would say, ACTION! Finding your passion is definitely not easy. The only possible way to find your passion is if you search and stay determined to discover it. For some, it may mean taking risks and doing things you’ll never imagine you’d love. For others, it can seem effortless. In my opinion, you should never be afraid to try something new because the important aspect of it is that you do something that inspires and motivates you.5 We’re not called out to live our life by what our parents or friends expect from us. We live the way we want to. Finding our passion is like a continuous journey. It exists within us and what surrounds us. So what do you really want? We can be asked this question numerous times and in exchange have nothing but a blank mind. When you finally discover what you’re truly passionate about, everything will suddenly make perfect sense to you. A part of you awakens and you have nothing but determination and success on your mind. People who find their passion and stick to it, accepts the challenges and hardships that comes with it.6 Not being able to reach a desired goal or find what you’re searching for in light of being happy is difficult. Have you ever questioned yourself and asked if you’re the type who would give up after the first sign of failure? Once you start to finally chase after your dream and purpose, doors don’t automatically open up for you. Life is going to hand you so many problems that you’ll instantly jump into conclusions and give up. Is that right? No, it isn’t. What you choose to do in order to handle that specific situation makes you who you are. I believe having a positive attitude, accepting failure and forgiving yourself is a couple of advices that can help you get up on your feet when you fall. I remember reading a quote from a