Happiness and Positive Intelligence Article Essay

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Happiness is the key value to life. Without happiness you cannot live your life fully. It is amazing to find out how many people are not happy. To me happiness is having peace and love around you. When you have a peace of mind you tend to be less stress. You don’t worry about pointless things because everything is constant. Love is such a strong feeling. I feel like we as human beings were placed on earth to love. I cannot imagine living life without ever knowing what love is. People who have never had someone to love them are not ignorant to the feeling. According to the Positive Intelligence Article, Paragraph 3 happiness is “perhaps the most misunderstood driver of performance”, I completely agree with every aspect of this paragraph. We think that getting a promotion will make us happy for a lifetime but it does not. At some point you began to get greedy and discover more ambition to do better. So then you are stuck in that awkward position of not trying to be ungrateful but at the same time you are not completely happy. “…because success is a moving target—as soon as you hit your target, you raise it again—the happiness that results from success is fleeting” (par. 3). It feels as if you will never meet your target. “You might be moving up in your job but that doesn’t always guarantee your happiness. You’ll be happy at first but then the feeling will go away and you will want more success and happiness”. (Jennings) Having a positive mind set is very important. The article touched that in paragraph 4, basically saying when you have a positive mind set you tend to perform better in the work force. I agree with this point as well, because you hav8e to surround yourself with positive energy even when the atmosphere is full of negative energy. The concept “Happy Advantage” is pure genius! Which is, “every business outcome shows improvement when the brain is positive”(par. 4). “You have to approach everything with a positive mind-set. Even though people may not like you, do not walk in the room like I know they do not like me. Block out bad energy with keeping your positivity”. (Jennings) Your mood also carries the energy in situations; we all feed off of each other energies. This paragraph reminds me of a time when I was watching “Oprah’s Life Lessons” and she