Happiness: Depending on Material or Mind? Essay

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How to be Happy: Depending on Things or Mind Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. Many people think that wealth and happiness are synonymous; the more money you have, the happier you are. However, I believe that happiness has much to do with our control of mind and sense of achievement. No doubt, material things can be important in making people happy, because I have met a single man that put everything he loved in front of everyone else and thought he only needed material things to be happy. As he would put himself and his work in front of everyone he ever cared and love, so he could get more money. Instead of spending time with the family he had he would spend it by himself doing things that he only loved, so as he distance himself from the person he loved and used to love and still loved him back. He fell in love with all the materials he had by earning lots of money. So he decided to buy a car he wanted so much and once he did he would drive it around showing it off and knowing what he has done to get this price. He showed he loved his money, and the items he earned. Had he bought a huge house and filled it with things that he really did not need. He thought that it made his life way better and happier; he had all those stuff that he never had before and that he just needed himself and the money that he earned doing his job and nothing or no one else to be happy. However, more often than not, we find that people can get depressed and unhappy even though they have lots of money and plenty of nice things. That would be because men and woman all are alike because they have a sense that once they have all the money in the world they would be able to buy everything they have wanted their whole life and with that money they can buy all the happiness they want from anything or anyone. Sooner or later tend to find out that they have made a mistake that all the money in the world could not buy happiness they have been wanting for a while and as that unhappiness gets being unquenched they will start to get more and more depressed and while they are in that state of depression they will start to see to their past and realize what they had to sacrifice to get to where they are now and the one thing they will be able to see that happiness they have been longing for so long. The only thing they would be asking for if they will be able to have that same kind of happiness with anyone else they meet later in their lives. While others would not even flinch at the thought of having happiness because they would tell themselves that the only thing they would always need is their money they have gained over the years. What they have sacrificed over the years or the one they had hurt or are still hurting that it would not matter because their just would be a waste of time worrying about those certain individuals. That would mean that they won’t be making no money, but in reality deep inside wear no one can see their real feelings would be the opposite. In truth they would be hurting that they don’t have someone that they can share all their accomplishes, and their life’s so for other people won’t see that they would put a tough guy act, and would always be lying to themselves saying that everything is ok when everything is not ok.
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