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Happiness in the work place

Many people choose a line of work that will make a difference in the world; “In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: they must be fit for it, they must not do too much of it, and they must have a sense of success in it. People want to know that they are helping people. People feel a sense of achievement just by knowing that they can still contribute their skills and are needed by the people around them. Doing productive work or activity boosts our self-confidence and self-esteem, which eventually leads to happiness. People feel a sense of achievement just by knowing that they can still contribute their skills and are needed by the people around them. Teachers teach so that they can prepare the youth for the world. Police officers enforce the law so they can make a difference in crime to make the world a safer place. The more one is fulfilled with their job, the longer they will remain content with their job position. Fulfillment resulting from work itself makes a person stay at the job longer. Status is what everything comes back to. In the book of “Just a Houswife” Jesusita Navarro is divorced and a working mother of five. The first thing that Jesusita does in the morning is prepare all children’s clothes. In the afternoon, she scrubs, cleans, cooks, and does whatever she needs to do in the house. She only works four hours in the morning at her job because she wants to be with her children in the afternoon. Jesusita had two job being a single mother and her part time job. Her job is not necessarily her job; her job is more like making life better for her and her kids. One of Jesusita’s goals is to get off welfare. So just like she would do work for a job, she is going to work hard to get off welfare. She found success in getting off welfare and not being seen as someone who cannot be independent. Independence is what drives most people, it is the fact that they can do for themselves. Which goes back status, people want to be at a status in life where they are comfortable and do not need help. Fredrick Taylor was original at the point which he imagined a separation between manual and mental labor. He thought a system where understanding of the labor process was completely taken away from the worker and put in the hands of management. He was considered a bastard because he did this not for the better of workers but for the profit margins of capital. He tried to help both sides the market and the people. For the increased work of worker, should mean an increase pay, nobody was willing to change but Fredrick knew he could always find people willing to work. Fredrick saw success in his job and probably the only one fit for it. He did more than the minimum and expected everyone to do the same. He did not look at jobs to find happiness; he saw them as just getting work done.
Sharon Atkins did not come out of college thinking she would have to take a job as a receptionist. A receptionist job in society is considered a low end job because an education is not needed to do the job. When performing a job that you are not happy with you notice every little thing. Sharon being meaningless, she felt like she was just another piece of equipment just going with the flow. Being an receptionist is not considered having status in life and when the feeling of worth is not there, you do not put your all in to the job.
Fred Ringley (Terkel) and his wife were caught up in living the American dream. House in the suburbs, two cars, but it came at a cost. They began questioning if they really wanted to deal with the long commute, the boss’s tainted mood, and the constant running. Fred and his family had success but they wondered if there was a better way. So they sold everything and took an eight-thousand mile trip with their car and travel trailer to see the United States. They wanted a better life and figured that one has to be an owner to be one of the “haves”