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Mobile and House Hold Phones
Although mobile phones and house hold phones have the same purpose and they both work the same, they have many differences as well. For example a mobile phone has to have at least six service bars in order to talk; the battery has to have a charge before it will work. The battery needs to charge for about an hour but it depends on what kind of charger you use. While many mobile service providers are trying to promote the unlimited plans, customers are still finding that their mobile phone bills are significantly more costly than house hold phones bills. This is due, in part, to the fact that mobile-phone providers must use and maintain towers, as well as purchase air space. With house hold phones, you can also have multiple phones connected to a single line, allowing everyone to have a phone nearby, without having to add costs to your bill like you would with a cell-phone plan. A house hold phone, one that has to be installed through wiring within your home, can be used anywhere in your home and is maintained by telephone servicemen. Some house hold phones are cordless, which means they can be used throughout the home and even in the yard. You can't take your house hold phone with you in your vehicle because service is limited to just a short range. Whereas you can carry your mobile phone anywhere you go. A cordless phone has to be returned to its base periodically to be recharged, Mobile phones have travel chargers, A cell phone can be…