Harassment Vandalism Essay

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Get a Clue About Graffiti
Use this vocabulary game to introduce graffiti terms and build understanding about the impact of graffiti vandalism on communities. OBJECTIVES Introduce the terms and issues surrounding graffiti vandalism. METHOD Students compete in two teams and use clues to help one person on the team guess the correct vocabulary word. MATERIALS Blackboard, whiteboard, or paper and wide-tip marker VOCABULARY Following are vocabulary words to get you started. Work with students to expand this list. Art attitude cleanup community fame graffiti illegal mural ownership paint-out permission private property public property removal respect responsibility restitution self-expression tagger taxpayer vandal vandalism

PROCEDURE 1. Divide classroom or group into two teams. 2. Have one person from each team sit in a chair facing their team members. 3. Teacher or leader writes a vocabulary word on a blackboard, whiteboard, or paper with wide-tipped marker. The team member whose turn it is to guess the word has his/her back to the blackboard so that he/she cannot see the word. 4. Team one sits or stands in order and begins with the first person giving a clue to their seated team member (on the next round, the second person in line gives a clue, and so on). 5. Students give a one word clue to make the person in the chair say the vocabulary word. For example, if the word is “graffiti,” the team member might say as a clue, “vandalism.” The person in the chair answers, “crime”. This is wrong, so they lose their chance at 5 points. Then it goes to the other team to try. 6. The leader now turns to the other team and says, “for 4 points, a one-word clue to make your team member say the correct word.” 7. If the team gets it right, they score 4 points; otherwise it goes back to the first team for 3 points. And the second student in line gives the…