Hard And Soft Types Of Hrm Analysis

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This assignment task presents Hard and Soft types of Human Resource Management with example of companies that are using these methods.
1.1 Explain Guest’s model of HRM
David Guest (1989, 1997) has created the model of the human resource management which has the 6 dimensions. The analysis of Guest model described below:
• HRM strategy (differentiation, innovation, focuses quality and cost reduction)
• HRM practices (selection, training, reward, appraisal, job design, involvement, status and quality)
• HRM outcomes (commitment, quality and flexibility)
• Behavior outcomes (effort/motivation, cooperation and participation, organizational nationality)
• Performance outcomes (greater quality, productivity and innovation, reduced absenteeism,
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He sees some of the dimensions like viewpoint and assumptions, strategic aspects, line managing and key levers and these were the model that have shown the planning of central to the corporation in the organization. There are some aspects that the personal management and the IR do not achieve within the organization. From the practices at Harrods the model of storey has implemented as they have recognized the needs of the humans and they have engaged their employees to meet the needs of the non-financial rewards as they provide the opportunities for the promotion of the employees so that they must involve in decision making contribute towards the team and do many tasks that may achieve the goals. The practice of Harrods of HRM as the focus of this department is the recruitment of the employees and they provide the support to the managers of the stores on the range of the policies and the procedures and on the specific situations such as the issues that are disciplinary. As the management dealing with employees, the strategies are to comply with the procedures and the policies to carry out the duties and deal with some of the issues and the employees are not engaged to the development …show more content…
Line managers have to integrate some of the approaches with the culture of an organization and the style of leadership and the policies of the business in the relations of the production. The aspects of HRM such as the hierarchy in management, which is senior and changing the style of leadership and the revolution of the jobs and the department can present some of the implications for the line manager to avoid the inventing approaches that will conflict with the operations of the business and that may affect the values and the brands of Harrods known to the employees and the range of the implication from the security of the job and the fluctuation of the payment and the bonuses that will awarded on the performance and the contribution of the employees that may contribute towards the success of the team and on the position in which they are held and the terms that may be possible when leaving the