Hardware IO device 1 Essay

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Replacement and Instillation of a Mouse.
1st. You’re going to want to power down the computer check all cables and push the power button on the front of the computer to make sure it does not turn on. Put on a Static proof brace to keep from damaging the computer.
2nd You’re going to want to choose what type of mouse will work for your keyboard, there are 3 types ps/2, USB, and Serial. (most mice are USb now days). There is a ps/2 to Usb adapter that allows a ps/2 keyboard and mouse to use a single USB cable, there is no this type of connector for Serial to usb however. If you do not have a USB slot open there is usb cards you can buy that will hook to the motherboard threw a VGA slot.

Ps/2 Connection
When looking at the back of the computer there will be two ps/2 connection on the back that are color coded. The mouse will usually hook up to the green while the keyboard will usually hook up to the purple or most the time furthest away from the left edge of the computer case.(usually there is a symbol on the computer that shows which goes where. After cables are tighten and check boot up the computer and insert the instillation disk.

Serial Mouse
First you turn off the system and unplug the cables. Check the computer for power. This type of mouse system has not ben around for a long time and should not need to be used but just in case. You Plug the serial mouse into the serial Port on the back of the computer. This computer mouse would be Set up threw CMos which…