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Ryan Kohs
Harley Davidson
1. It is my belief that Harley Davidson should definitely continue to sponsor the posse ride for many different reasons. The main reason is to keep the “close-to-the-customer” idea alive and thriving. The ride helps strengthen customer relationships and gets new people interested in purchasing merchandise. This ride from coast to coast helps management understand exactly what the customer is looking for by riding with the customer themselves. The ride itself generates a huge buzz in the rallies beforehand which gets people talking about Harley Davidson. Not only does it help the management and customer relations, but it also helps generate an enormous profit by designing the route to go by dealerships. The posse develops a short of culture that helps connect people across the country with increases the sales of memorabilia. The increase in profits and success of this posse puts HD ahead of competitors. The posse ride plays a crucial role in the event mix because it offers a piece of all the other events combined. HOG’s purpose is to develop the biggest brand awareness as possible. Events such as these start at year 1 but eventually turn into a tradition of the event happening every year that people look forward to and tradition is one of the best marketing tools out there today.
2. Since I decided to keep the posse, I think that the best way to maximize profits would be to get feedback mechanisms in place for the ride to customers. This is a perfect way to get the feelings of your riders and what they liked and didn’t like so that you can improve for the following year to help satisfaction and gain a bigger crowd. The second main way to increase profits is to choose the best possible route for riders. Again the feedback would come in handy here as it will help determine what riders would want to see along the way. Another way might be to go international and create rides along other famous routes in different countries. The biggest way to maximize profits is the overall advertising of this event. This is the first time I have ever heard of this event, if the company was to advertise more and allow more riders to join, it will overall increase profits and awareness.
3. HOG role in the community is to bring riders together. In order to accomplish this, they create events for HOG members such as rallies and rides. These rallies and rides creates a connection with other riders where each one can share the mutual love for Harley Davidson vehicles. The events put on by HOG raises a community among members, regardless of age, income etc. because riders come from all over.
HOG’s role in creating this community is important because the group is a primary catalyst in bringing owners together. Local chapters also put members into contact with one another on a smaller