Harp Seal Short Story

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Pages: 3

Harp seal There once was a seal named pearl that lived in the water and on land.She was hitting a beach ball to her friend at the beach.Then a shark came to the shore and her and her friend swam as fast as they could to get away from it.pearl then found herself lost.She looked for her friend but couldn’t find her. Then the sun went down the day was slowly fading to night.The water in the ocean was no longer calm it was switching directions.Peral decides to go across the ocean to look for her friend.A bunch of clams and crabs pinch her tail as she passes through the ocean. Then it starts to rain pearl felt sad that she lost her friend.Pearl and her friend crystal have been friends for a very long time.They used to have owners that brought pearl and crystal to get selfies together.But now they were set back in the …show more content…
Then pearl was i n the pacific ocean.There was a huge net in the middle of the water and her friend was on the other side.Pearl’s friend gets captured by a hunter.Pearl tries to jump over the net but doesn’t make it.Her friend is now far away.Pearl has lost her friend again.
Pearl dives under the net and pops up on the other side.She goes on land to canada were the hunter took her friend. She finds a giant building and goes inside the glass door.She see’s the hunter talking to someone at the front desk.Before the hunter turns around pearl hides in a bush. The hunter put pearls friend in a cage beside a hallway of other seals like her.Pearl sneekes in the hallway.The hunter leaves his keys on the door.Pearl come and jumps up to get the keys.Then with the keys she calmly opens the door to all the