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As an avid gambler and total rewards card member, I have found that Harrah’s strategy of excellent customer service has definitely caused me to funnel my discretionary gambling budget to the Harrah’s chain exclusively. My husband and I were avid gamblers in the late 90s and basically shopped for the best casino “junket” opportunities without regard for the casino it was associated with them. At that point most casinos tracked your gaming via a card of some sort which enabled the gambling junkets to work with the casinos to offer discount packages to return to a particular casino. Gamers basically “shopped” for the best comp offers and therefore no loyalty was developed to any one casino. Harrah’s utilized their database findings to gain a better understanding of the customer base that generated the majority of their revenue. The results were surprising in that the high rollers were not the ones generating the majority of the revenue but actually middle aged and senior adults. Harrah’s went about a strategy to market to that segment via growth across the country to enable more localized “day” trips as well as the development of a system across those casinos to enable rewards across the country. Other casinos have continued to focus more on the high-rollers, leaving this market segment a captive audience for Harrah’s to capture.
As epapaetti points out Harrah’s has done an excellent job of utilizing the data captured to continue to tailor and target their rewards more to an individual which enables them to fine tune marketing efforts. Harrah’s utilization of CRM (customer relationship management) expanding to go deeper analysis of data results particularly with the follow up calls and contact for customers that had not visited a property in three months and appropriately offering tailored promotions and offers. Harrah’s appropriately utilize the four step framework for one-to-one marketing developed by Don Pepper and Martha Rodgers as outlined in our text to adapt CRM marketing to the individual customers. Harrah’s captures the loyalty of these customers by understanding their preferences and working to customize for each customer which leads to the best customer experience. Harrah’s has taken efforts to ensure the success of customer services by