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Orient Companies Networking
Sidhartha Jain Gorkotvar
Wilmington University

Orient Companies Networking
Orient Companies networking includes four central buildings which form the core of the company centers. Two of these are business centers which mostly consist of desktops and small servers and other two are engineering centers which makes use of advanced technology. There are approximately 1000 employees in the university.
Business Building
Each business center will have 5 separate buildings and average 2 floors in each building. Each business building will have approximately 40 employees with Dell powerEdge C6100 Server, 40 Dell 560 desktops, 4 HP Laser Printers, 2 Dell 3524 Switches and on the whole each business center will have one Cisco fire wall and Cisco 2951 router which connects to the Time-warner (100mbps)internet.
Engineer Building
Each engineering center will have 10 separate buildings and average 2 floors in each building. Each engineering building will have approximately 60 employees with 5 Dell Power Edge C6100 Server, 600 Lenovo X200 laptops, 20 HP Laser Printers, 2 Cisco Catalyst 3560E-12D Switch, 30 Cisco 2951 routers, 2 Canon Fax machines and on the whole each business center will have one Cisco fire wall and Cisco 2951 router which connects to the Time-Warner (100mbps)internet.
I used Cat 6e cable for both business and engineering front office areas use. Higher bandwidth Fiber optic cable was used for connecting the buildings in each center and also for connecting business and engineering centers to the internet. For the connection between the floors, Fiber optic cable is used as a medium because the cable packed with thin, flexible glass or plastic which can transmit light instead of electricity. So this helps in avoiding electromagnetic interference from the elevator. Also this fiber optic provides open bandwidth to avoid future speed enhancement problems. Fiber cables experience effectively no crosstalk, in contrast to electrical wires and medium.
The Cisco 2951 Integrated Services Router (ISR) which delivers highly secure data, voice, video, and application services was used for the Bank corp. networking. It consists of 3 integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with 1 port capable of RJ-45 or SFP connectivity, 2 service module slots , 4 Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card slots, 3 onboard digital signal processor (DSP) slots, 1 internal service module slot for application services.
Dell T310 Tower server was used in business buildings. It delivers enterprise-level performance, redundancy and comprehensive manageability options in a 1-socket tower that is simple to own, deploy and manage. It is Customizable with optional advanced systems management capabilities including remote management, a short 20.5 inch chassis, redundancy if you need it and cost effective RAID options, the T310 is the ideal, robust and reliable 1-socket tower serve.
Dell T620 Tower server was used in engineering building for this networking. It was built using 32-nanometer process technology with up to 8 cores per processor; it enables superfast processing for compute-intensive tasks. It enhances the workload performance and availability with the balanced features of the Power Edge T620 tower server that include integrated PCIe Gen3-capable expansion slots. It has versatile storage capacity featuring up to 32 hot-swap drive bays with a number of flexible HDD options and PCI Express flash drives that can increase IOPS performance. Servaris ProServ 4680 Enterprise Rack Server in a 4U Rack mount format with up to 4 Intel 64-bit Six-Core Nehalem EX Xeon 7500 Processors with up to 24MB Cache with 1066Mhz Front Side Bus is the ideal choice for your back-end infrastructure.The Servaris ProServ 4680 is also the ideal choice for a Cloud Server and Virtualization Server to host many Virtual Machines. Intel 7300 Chip set yields outstanding processing power supporting up to