Harriet Tubman On The Underground Railroad

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Harriet Tubman was an amazing woman who was born a slave. She was a slave, an abolitionist, and a conductor on the Underground Railroad. The exact birthday of Harriet Tubman is unknown, while people do have possibilities of when it could be. A group of scholars thinks that they know when it was. That group of scholars found a record payment from March 15, 1822 of two dollars for a midwife delivering a child that scholars think was Harriet.
What historians do know for a fact is that Harriet was born sometime from 1820 to 1825. Here is the story of Harriet Tubman. The exact birthday of Harriet is not known, though Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Ross. Her parent are Harriet Green and Ben Ross. They were both slaves, so all of their children
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When the woman opened the door, Harriet must have been surprised, because the only thing white people had done to her was hurt her. The white woman sat her by the fire and gave Harriet some food to eat and water to drink. Then she gave her directions to the next stop on the Underground Railroad. When Harriet got to the second stop, the woman came out, handed Harriet a broom, and told her to sweep outside. She did this so Harriet would not look suspicious. When Harriet was going to the next stop on the Underground Railroad, the woman’s husband put Harriet in the back of his cart, covering her with blankets. He dropped her off near the next stop and told her how to get there. Days later, Harriet made it to Pennsylvania. She was very happy that she was finally free, but was sad that she was without her family. Harriet decided that she would save up all her money so she could go back and bring the rest of her family to freedom.
In December of 1850, Harriet heard that her niece, Kessiah, was up for sale. Harriet met with Kessiah’s husband, John Bowley, and together they hatched a plan to save Kessiah and her family. John bid at the auction until everyone else stopped. After the bidding was over, the auctioneer had his lunch break. John and Harriet used that time to round up Kessiah and her family. They brought them to the house of a kind white woman; one of the stops on the Underground Railroad. By the time
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Because her parents were free by that time, Harriet thought it would be easy to bring them to Canada. As it turns out, her father was going to be arrested for supposedly hiding a group of runaway slaves who were eventually caught. They decided to sneak out in the middle of the night. Another problem was that her parents were very old, in their seventies, so they could not walk very far for long. Harriet, being as smart as she was, she brought a horse and cart so they could ride along. A few days later, Harriet, Ben, and Old Rit arrived in St.