Essay on Harris Week3 AJS552 USAPATRIOTACT

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Janise Harris
November 3, 2014
AJS/ 552
Instructor Ward
USA PATRIOT ACT PAPER The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) affirms that the Patriot Act stomps on the common freedoms of American citizens in a few ways. The association says the act abuses the Fourth Amendment, which obliges government to show reasonable justification before getting a court order. Second, the act damages the First Amendment by forcing a stifler request on workers needed to give government their customers’ personal data. The act disregards the First Amendment by adequately approving the FBI to explore American citizens for, practicing their freedom of speech. Furthermore, it eliminates the prerequisite for government to give notice to people whose privacy has been bargained by a government examination. The Patriot Act is reason for concern, by any reasonable assessment. The clearing forces given to the government to lead reconnaissance on US citizens implies that there is less privacy protection than before and that there is open door for abuse. The electronic surveillance apply to suspected terrorists, however that definition is detached and it’s simple enough for government to name anybody as a suspected terrorist and to begin gathering information on them. The Patriot Act additionally permits the above-mentioned sneak and peak warrants to be utilized for any government wrongdoing, including those that just add up to misdemeanors. This very intrusive sort of warrant strips an individual of their right to know that they are being investigated and permits law enforcement, basically, to break into an individual home, to search their belongings and to do so without informing the individual. After September 11th, numerous Arabs, South Asians and Muslims alongside Americans of Arab reported being addressed by the FBI and other law enforcement organizations, and an increase of racial and ethnic profiling from airport security. There were other reports of the FBI gathering information and