Harrison: Anger and Emotions Essay

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Due: 11/20/2013
Every individual reacts to certain emotions differently. For example, there is a certain limit which an individual can take until they burst in rage. Some individuals keep anger inside and others rather let it all out. In society today, we express our emotions and many different forms which consist of body languages and facial features. Evolutionary perspective regarding human beings has adapted over time and has come a long way. Back in the day, emotions was explained to solve problems and determine what is wrong and right. Thus, emotions play a very important role in the past and also in the present. In our present time, we have adapted the emotions we had learned in the past such as dealing with heartbreaks, passing of loved ones, being scared, and much more. Therefore, it is safe to say that emotions such as rage play a very important role in our body because once anger is activated, our heart rate skyrockets, sweat begins dripping, and muscles began to tense up and the face turns blood red. Comparing men and women on how they react to the emotion of anger is rather difficult. It was stated that society and culture plays very important role in determining how men and women cope with anger. (Miller and Kanazawa 29) Through the evolutionary process, there are many things which stood out that differentiate men from women which consisted of things like men adapted to become more rough and aggressive while women adapted to become softer, sincere, and caring. It was stated that the levels of testosterone was fairly high which determined the men's act of physical behaviors such as fighting, running, and other rough activities. On the other hand, women were the opposite which consisted of being caring and nurturing. When differentiating men from women from anger, might stir up some conflicts. The reason why is because men might assume that they are on top which results in solving problems physically instead of thinking it through. But on the other hand, women has a completely different way of coping with anger which is retaining it and just having a simple talk to get it resolved. In conclusion, men and women express their anger is completely different ways. Adaptive anger and maladaptive anger plays a significant role in everyone. It doesn't matter if your two years old or eighty years old, it doesn't matter if you have a college degree or not, Anger is adaptive. It was confirmed that couples that are divorced tend to have adaptive anger rather than others that are single or not divorced. Another role that adaptive anger comes to play is non religious individuals. Non religious individuals tend to have more adaptive anger than individuals that actually go to a place of worship. Besides adaptive anger…