Harrison Bergeron Book And Movie Comparison Essay

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In literature examining the differences between novels and films can be very complex. In novels readers may get extreme imagery coming from the text, placing readers in the shoes of the characters. These novels may also not have as strong of a plot line as the films. The short story and film of Harrison Bergeron are one of these cases; both have their advantages and disadvantages. This strength can be why literature can be so amazing to individuals, the thrill of comparison between film and novel is one that many seek. The characterization by the author, plot development and theme are some of the most nitpicked topics. After viewing the film and reading the text, it is clear that there is no official winner. Both forms of literature show their strong suit in the story of “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.
In the short story, the narrator uses direct characterization to describe Harrison Bergeron to the readers. Describing Harrison in precise detail of
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The film takes more of an indirect characterization direction in the film of Harrison Bergeron. The viewers are left to deduce Harrison’s thoughts and actions to determine his overall attributes. Harrison is perceived as a normal sized human with extreme intelligence. Constantly outgrowing his handicap headset, this slow building case of Harrison’s brilliance creates the conflict in the film. The actions of the characters are harder to predict in the film by the lack of information that builds for the viewer. It feels as if there was not as much description and builds to the characters as they develop during the film. Whereas the short story clearly painted pictures in readers minds and established the characters substantially better than in the film. It is if the brief descriptions in the short story seemed to be clearer and less confusing. The detailed descriptions and characteristics don’t carry over when converted over to the