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Taylor Stewart
Mrs. Bowerson 1st hr.
Harrison Bergeron Paper
September 13, 2013

Harrison Bergeron Continued…
It was then when Diana Moon Glampers, the handicap general, came into the studio with a double-barreled ten-gage shotgun. In the studio were the Emperor, the Empress, and the musicians. She aimed the shotgun at Harrison, who of course had no fear in his eyes. “Put the shotgun down, or else…” Harrison started to say before Diana interrupted him. The handicap general started laughing. Everyone in the room was confused. Harrison didn’t finish his sentence. He instead pulled the headset out of the mans hands who was standing next him. He threw it on the ground. The crowd, as well as the handicap general, was shocked looking at the headset lying there. As she slowly looked up from the headset to Harrison Bergeron, he smiled at her, and lifted his large foot of the ground. She gasped and screamed… “YOU WOULDN’T DA…” Before she could finish talking, Harrison slammed his foot down on the headset. Everyone in the room was stunned. The Handicap general fell to the ground, dropping her gun onto the floor next to her. Freaking out as if someone just stomped her most prize possession, she started gathering all of the smashed pieces from the headset, looking as if she was crying. While she was distracted, Harrison snatched the gun she had dropped. He kneeled down to the ground next to her gun in hand. She stopped gathering the pieces and slowly looked up. Harrison pointed the gun to the side of her head. “Trying to control everyone will get you know where, Diana. Nowhere but here, sitting on the ground collecting pieces of your torture with a gun to your head.”
She didn’t say anything. Instead she sat there on her knees like she had been from picking up the pieces of the headset. The handicap general starting balling. One person in the crowd slowly started clapping, which lead to all of the musicians clapping with joy. Scared, yet angry, the Handicap General got up and as fast as she could, ran out of the studio. Harrison ran after her, but by