Harry Gensler's Arguing Against Ima Relativist

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Pages: 2

Harry Gensler writes in defense of moral objectivity (also known as moral realism). He does this by creating a fictional account of a cultural relativist, Ima Relativist, and deconstructs her argument to show how it does not work. Gensler defends his view well, though more could be added to his argument. Gensler starts off his piece by offering up an account of a fictional cultural relativist, Ima Relativist. Ima argues that what the majority of a society approves of is morally good, objective truths are just absolutizing one society’s morals, and no culture’s morals are wrong (p.184-185). Gensler provides a rebuttal for each of these claims. Arguing against Im’as first claim, Gensler brings up the point that the majority of a society may