Harry Potter Essay

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Brielle Betts
English 101
1 March 2013

In J.K. Rowling' series Harry Potter, there is a reoccurring role, that is Harry Potters father figures. In the first book The Sorcerer and the Stone we learn that both Harries parents have died at the wand of the dark lord. As Harry grows up he lives with the Dursleys, a portly family who only love their biological son Dudley. This is Harries first father figure, and not an ideal one. He is rude, demanding, and undermines Harry his entire upbringing. Next is Mr. Weasley a busy on the go father who love his family and Harry as much as he was his own, which shows Harry what a real family should function like. Then there' Snape, although Snape seems to be against Harry Potter we learn about the love he had for Harries' mother Lily which makes him feel compelled to watch over Harry and tutor him for his entire stay at Hogwarts. Although Snape isn't the most likely candidate as Harries father figure he is, and teaches Harry so many skills that come in handy later down the road in his life. Then there's the role model father Dumbledore. Dumbledore is almost like one of Harries best friends, he looks up to him, admires him, and wants to help him out in any way possible. Whereas Dumbledore looks at Harry as his boy, a little like his pride and joy, which Harry has never felt and has always needed to know he wasn't some freak who can talk to snakes, and has had the most tragic life. All of these father figures offer something different,