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Harry Potter is know throughout all of American society. J.K. Rowling with her creative mind wrote the seven novels of Harry Potter. Harry Potter was an orphan who at eleven years old found out he was a wizard. He then goes off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he meets and finds his two best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. The whole series Harry Potter’s quest is to defeat the dark lord, Voldemort who want to become immortal and take over the Wizard World and will destroy anyone who stands in his way. Throughout the series Harry Potter’s two best friends always helped him battle his enemy even in the most dangerous situations. With the flying, magic, and the obstacles that Harry goes through gives everyone thrill and terror of what is going to happen next. The Harry Potter is not only a sci-fi or fantasy series but is also very influential to us. Harry Potter is telling us that you need to use your talents and your abilities to the very fullest and not let them go to waste. Harry was not always the most popular or the most fortunate wizard there was. He lost both his parents when he was just a baby to the dark lord Voldemort. The only thing that protected him was the love his parents had for him. This shows people that love is one of the most powerful feelings and nothing could ever break the bond of it. Ever since that day lord Voldemort had been planning on coming back to life by his blood and seeking revenge on him by killing him. The series Harry Potter and the Order of Phenix is when lord Voldemort comes back to his physical state, this is when no one in the wizard world is safe. Harry is not the greatest and most powerful wizard of all but he knows what he has to do to keep everyone safe. Harry has to destroy seven Horcrux. Horcrux are seven powerful objects that Voldemort has hidden that help him achieve immortality. Voldemort’s immortality would jeopardize everyone’s lives who would not be his dark followers. Harry goes out and searches for all seven of the Horcrux only to defeat the dark lord. Harry does the best of his ability to make sure he finds all of the Horcrux and destroys them to keep everyone safe from the harm of the dark lord. Harry goes through many different obstacles to finding and destroying them. All magic is portrayed as a natural force that can over ride the laws of nature. Harry Potter uses magic to go through all the obstacles that come before him. Through out the whole series Draco Malfoy, one of Harry Potter’s acquaintances, is there telling Harry Potter that he is never good enough to do anything and he has no magic. Harry Potter never lashes out on Draco Malfoy like he does to Harry but Harry Potter does everything he can do to show Draco Malfoy that he is wrong. Harry Potter shows Draco Malfoy that he has great powers and can use them wisely. Harry Potter goes up against the most powerful wizard of all time, the dark lord, Voldemort. Although he does not defeat him and is not defeated, he does everything in his power to try and defeat him but Harry Potter is not strong enough of a wizard to do so yet. In the end of the series Harry Potter has done everything he could and overcomes the dark lord Voldemort and defeats him. Harry Potter uses his talents and his abilities to his fullest and has best as he can. Harry Potter fights the dark lord with all the strength and power of magic he has. Harry Potter uses all of his magic talent while fighting with the dark lord until he passes out. Harry Potter protected his god father Sirius Black from the dementors and uses all his strength with a spell he learn to defeat the dementors until he can not go any further and passes out. Harry Potter holds on until the very end and uses all the talent he could. Harry Potter helps people’s attitudes change towards relationships to positives values, ethics, and morals. It teaches people morals and values of friendship and loyalty because Harry Potter will do anything for