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Dental Hygienist Investigation

With the investigation of the dental field I had the honor to speak with Dr. Justin Washington. Mr. Washington works four days a week from 10am­6pm. He starts the day off with a morning meeting that consists of going over patients files, organizing and prepping. He sees about fifteen patients a day and they always leave with a smile on their face. He also said “Dentistry Is Quick” implying that the day goes by fast. He spends 50% of his time educating/explaining to the patients about the work that needs to be done. 40% of his time is spent treating patients and the last 10% is spent re­explaining. The reason for explaining and re­explaining is so people can understand the work that is needed. Mr. Washington explained on how people are quick to sue because they are unhappy with the work done and they also think you have money. He said you may lose your license if someone sues you “I went to school for eleven years and worked too hard for some to take my license away from me so quickly.” So to prevent those types of situations he likes to take before and after pictures and have those sign a consent form before and after the work is performed. Mr. Washington expressed how much he loves his job. “The days and hours are great.” He does not work weekends, no overtime and works only four days a week and still makes six figures. His job has improved his lifestyle tremendously for him and his family. Being able to spend time and support his family is big to him and also loving his job is a bonus. “I enjoy what I do” says Mr. Washington. The toughest situations are when his patients come in with a preconceived notion about dentist. It’s very hard to make them feel comfortable. Mr. Washington tries talking to them and goofing off to ease them up and try to help them overcome their fears. “Giving that patient that one on one interaction are what patients look for.” Getting the chance to change people’s lives is very

satisfying for Dr. Washington. Seeing people leave with a smile on their face makes him feel real good inside “I feel like a kid in a candy store”. Mr. Washington didn’t know that he was going to become a dental hygienist until he was going for his masters as Eastern Virginia Medical School. It started when he was doing side jobs with the navy and it was a high demand for kids that needed dental work but the parents were unable to take their kids. So they started a mobile dental organization that worked with kids and their teeth and also explaining the importance of brushing and flossing and taking care of their teeth. People skills are a key factor for being a dentist and also being able to adjust to different…