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Characteristics of Effective Case Teaching
C. Roland Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard Business School

1. In-class learning substantially exceeds pre-class learning and further stimulates learning after class.
2. Learning extends beyond the individual class, yielding deeper insights through linkages across classes, modules, and courses.
3. Students are engaged in, energized by, and challenged by class discussions.
4. Students discover, articulate and develop most critical insights, with the instructor leading the process.

1. There is mutual respect between instructor and students, and among the students.
2. Instructor and students come to class well-prepared.
3. Instructor and students apply rigorous standards and are willing to take risks and consider different points of view.
4. The case, supporting materials, assignment questions, and teaching plan are welldesigned and are part of an effective module and course structure.

1. Class starts and ends on time.
2. The instructor:
a. prepares both content and process, including a clear set of teaching/learning objectives, a call list, a board plan, an opening question, discussion probes, transitions, follow-up questions, and closing comments.
b. listens thoughtfully throughout the class discussion.
c. actively manages class flow and structure, while responding flexibly to student comments. d. poses challenging questions, cold/warm calls, and follow-ups to promote high quality class discussion.
e. stimulates thoughtful student-to-student discussion and encourages participation from a broad range of students.
f. draws on student background