Time Capsule Thesis

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Jessica Vanderpool
Mr. Wastier
English II Period 9
A.R. Book Report
October 12, 2012
The Time Capsule Lurlene McDaniel has been writing many stories for years and some of the book series that she has written are One Month to Live , One Last Wish novels, Angles in Pink novels, and so many more. The book I read was The Time Capsule the title relates to the book because Adam and Alexis wrote time capsules when they were in Elementary and they are going back to a first- grade reunion to read what they wrote, they were surprised what they wrote in Elementary Adam wrote that he wanted to be a "Fireman" and Alexis wrote that she wanted ''to help people". That was before Adam got sick and their family fell apart. No one is prepared when Adam gets sick again, but this time things are different, Alexis discovers that the wishes they put into the time capsule were not so far off . At Woodland Elementary at 3:00 pm, the story covers from when they were in Elementary to now being seniors and graduating and going to college. It covers how things are going to start happening to Alexis and her brother Adam and it will bring them up to present day to them being seniors in high school. Alexis and Adam are twins. Alexis is a senior and is on a debate team. Adam is a senior and was on the baseball team, but when he was eleven he was diagnosed with leukemia. Alexis is on the debate team and they are going to state in two days when her brother ends up in the hospital again and this time he is going to die but they do not know when so she decides not to go on the trip and stay with her brother. Alexis is always there for her brother and if she would have left and went on the trip and he would have die she would felt like she it was her felt for him dying. Alexis is going to lose someone she loves and cares about because they are twins and one without the other does not work out.…