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Assignment Submission by using ‘Turnitin’- soft copy and during tutorial class – hard copy.

LAYOUT – A4 size blank white paper it should be word-processed using 1.5 spacing in font 12.
ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET (download and print from student portal)

ASSIGNMENT FRONT COVER PAGE– front cover of your assignment should include: o Your name and student number o Unit name and unit code o Your lecturer’s name and class time o Submission date o Word count PAGES – number each page, fasten pages securely in the top left-hand corner with staples, and do not use paper clips and no folders.
REFERENCING – all statement, opinions, conclusions or other intellectual content taken from the work of someone else must be acknowledged, whether their work or ideas are directly quoted, reproduced, summarised or paraphrased.

Use the Harvard system – must include an in-text reference (acknowledgement in the main body of the document) and a reference list.

FORMAT - An in – text reference includes:
• The surname(s) of the author(s) of the work
• The year the work was published
• The page number(s) where the cited information can be found in the publication.
• When there are 3 or more authors – only the first author’s name need to be included followed by et al. (meaning “and others”)
• EXAMPLE: Management is the key functional area of any business (Smith 1999, pp. 251-252).
Footnotes are not to be used for citing sources.

REFERENCE LIST– (should appear on a separate page) 2. List is arranged alphabetically according to the author’s surname.
Hardcopy book: author’s surname, author’s initial(s), year of publication, title of publication, publisher, place of publication.
Hardcopy Journal: Author’s surname, initials, the title of the article – (in single inverted commas), the title of the Journal- (in italics), the volume number, issue number; page number(s).
Electronic Source: Author’s family name, initial(s) (year of last update or copyright year) Title of Web Page, (Online), Available; URL (viewed - access date).

o Example (Hardcopy - book) Brown, C (1980), International Management, Prentice Hall, Toronto o Example (Hardcopy - Journal) Lea, M. (1998) ‘Theory and practice in