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Has Social Media made it impossible for people to have rational conversations – and rational disagreements -- without calling each other horrible names and threatening actual physical violence? In my opinion , I do not think people can have rational conversations and rational disagreements in social media especially when it comes to gender discrimination and racial discrimination. For example, the “Gamergate”which is the original game along with the support and protection of "players" status on Twitter, but to the present, the breeding ground for many players violence and gender discrimination, but also controversial.
In the past decade, the game from the exclusive pastime of entertainment for adolescent boys become a generally accepted and recognized to be an important art form . Game industry from the brink of industrial groups, transformed into a thriving new industry , the game more and more focused on how to attracting the attention of game players and provide a good experience for them.
Throughout the history of the past, the main marketing target video games was male players. In general, the game is often considered to be mostly male players in the market. However, the game has never been a single existence. Game provides a wide range of experience for the players, which is one of the biggest advantages of electronic games, and it continues on track towards a more diversified direction going forward. More and more female players join in this rank. From the beginning of August 2014, the game industry was an unprecedented sex scandal storm swept not only the major famous game media are involved, and even develop into the game industry sexism, feminism and other issues, this event involves wide, deep, and even game insiders feel complicated. This is the United States this year the most sensational event in the game loop, cause only a small gender dispute. Eron Gjoni unacceptable unique game developers girlfriend Zoe Quinn broke up, published online brawl between the two, and exposure with Zoe Quinn there are a number of games between chats media, alluding to Zoe Quinn to extraordinary measures in exchange for positive media coverage of their games, a small post to vent their anger triggered an uproar; causing the entire game industry media and developers for the game the discussion of corruption, and thinking problems of the game review.
In early 2013, Zoe Quinn and her writer Patrick Lindsey, co-produced musician Isaac Schankler text web game "Depression Quest" submitted to the Steam platform to launch the "GreenLight" project. "Depression Quest" is a word game, or can be called interactive fiction. The player will play a tormented patients with depression, the plot revolves around his daily life unfold, including the work of knowledge and social relationships.Contrary to Quinn expectation is that after the game is released bad reviews, many players expressed strong words "depression Confessions" There is no play-ability, very "silly". According to Quinn's statement in the interview, she continued to suffer from players harassment or intimidation, and ultimately forced the game to take down.
October 2013 she was again submitted to the game "GreenLight", the game passed the examination published in the platform, a large number of attacks and harassment are also coming to her again, but this time she chose to disclose to the public what had happened.She claimed to have been on twitter from online communities Wizardchan (a virgin only picture forums, part of which users are considered with misogyny) network mob her personal attacks, and posted portion contains serious sexist and insulting remarks screen-shots. According to the screen-shot, it seems to resist its game players is that they simply can not accept women to become game developers to create games.I think these comments and practices, not only seriously affected her mental state, but also undermined her work, study and daily life, and even cause serious