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My workshop will be on new employees hired in Finance/Accounting department. I would use to conduct my workshop. (Webex) The reason for using is that we can conduct training for all our locations in the finance/accounting department at the same time, each receiving the same information at the same time. If any of the new employees are on the road they can access this web workshop from their smart phone or tablet. A week before the meeting, send out an email to all new employees in Finance/Accounting Department with the address, log in and password for the workshop. Have them down load the program on the device they will be using to make sure there are no problems with the connection. A few days before, send them an outline of what will be covered in the workshop, and any files that will be discussed, this way they will be able to think of any questions they may have. The day before the web workshop, send them an email reminding them of the meeting. If they cannot be at the web meeting, they need to send an email explaining the reason why they will not attend the meeting. Send an email to all that are not attending and let them know that this is mandatory for all new employees to attend so they will have to reschedule as soon as possible. The workshop will cover organization chart, which will contain the chain of command plus each person title and phone number. Next discussion will cover accounting policies and procedures from AR/AP, Purchasing, to the financials, expense codes with an example of the employee expense reimbursement form, payroll, what firm used with all their contact information and how payroll is calculated and when it must be submitted to the payroll company. In the package sent