Haslanger's Treatment Of Gender Analysis

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Some terminologies need to be clarified before explicating Haslanger’s accounts on treatment of gender and race. First, Haslanger defines that sex and gender are two different notions; Sex represents the physical difference of people, which involves the terms- males and females- in it; Gender contains the social implication which placing a person in different hierarchies in the society, which involves the terms- men and women (2). Secondly, Haslanger creates a term- “colors”- for differentiating the physical racial different between people, and she keeps the term- “race”-, and defines it that race contains a social meaning which forming a hierarchical social structure. Sally claims that forming a fictional society which includes justice; the idea sex and colour do inevitably need to be existed. Especially sex is needed, since sex has its meaning to human reproduction. However, she thinks that the idea of gender need to be redefined, and the social structure which is formed by the idea of race need to be forbidden in order to build a just society (5). …show more content…
only being male or female). Haslanger thinks that gender should not be a determinant factor of social positioning in a just society in order to provide people having a “non-hierarchically grounded gender identities”