Essay Hasting's Point Photo Identification Booklet

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Grade 11
Bio Ecology Field Study

By, Colton Hatcher

Introduction Hastings Point is a small coastal town located in New South Wales that is sounded by a national park. Hastings point has been a great location for tourists due to its marine wildlife, beaches and fishing. This destination is home to a magnificent rocky shore perfectly suited for a vast majority and wide range of marine wildlife. The rocky shore has a wide spread of both biotic and abiotic factors which provides a suitable ecosystem for all wildlife but unfortunately this unindustrialized location is becoming over developed. This takes a toll on Hastings point ecosystem immensely because the estuary, beach and the living organisms are slowly diminishing in
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Quadrate and Transect studies will be recorded so we can observe and understand how and why certain organisms live where they live. These organisms’ adaptations will also be recorded and will also take a note of what tidal zone they live in. These indicator organisms will be analysed using different mathematical equations after a population test to deduce standard deviation of the species and the amount of organisms in the tidal zones.

Photo Identification Booklet:
Sea Squirts (Indicator Organism)
* Kingdom- Animalia * Phylum- Chordata * Class- Ascidiacea * Genus- Sidneoides * Species- tamaramae
* Round with two short extruding siphons * Can range in colour from yellow, green to brown * Has potential to grown up to two inches
Background Info: * Seas Squirts are found in clumps together * Live on hard surfaces such as rocky shores, oyster reefs, jetties etc. * Filter feeders * Suck in water through their siphons to eat all sorts of algae
(Tss Photos)

Striped Girdled Chiton (Indicator Organism)
* Kingdom- Animalia * Phylum- Mollusca * Class- Polyplacophora * Genus- Liolophura * Species- gaimardi
* Commonly striped orange and brown, however can also range in a verity of